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Robert Poteet Victory

Robert Poteet Victory brings a classic consciousness to bear on contemporary times. His landscapes and abstracts have a fresh, here and now vitality, yet they exhibit a kinship with ancient Greece and the Renaissance in their formal excellence and in their expression of fundamental concepts of life.

These paintings form a bridge that spans the kaleidoscopic present and the clear perspective of the past. Heroic yet deeply human, they exist outside time and place, as though the artist inhabited a historic period and the modern era simultaneously.

Often there are traces of his Native American background that he is able to blend with his classical training, and he frequently combines and juxtaposes the mirror-like sections of the paintings with sand-textured portions. The end results are not only captivating in their brilliance and depth, but stunning in their design and color.

Poteet Victory studied at the Arts Students League in New York City in 1980 and 1981, then to the University of Oklahoma at Norman and Oklahoma Central State in Edmond, where he graduated in 1984. He worked at mainstream occupations in the interim, and became a full-time artist fifteen years ago when his canvases began to win awards and make their way into more and more collections in the U.S. and Europe. He added Victory to his birth name as a gesture of respect since his male ancestors (he is 3/8 Choctaw and Cherokee) had carried that title as a surname.

Robert Poteet Victory’s expansive paintings evoke a powerful response. His mirror finishes, achieved by a varnish-free process known only to him, reflect the spirit of the person standing before them. Both the painter and the viewer get lost in the glow emanating from the depth of these canvases.

Selected Collections:
Raymond James Financial, St. Petersburg, FL
Sir Anthony Hopkins; Darrell Keith Law Firm, Ft. Worth, TX
Mark Sakautzky Interior Design, Hamburg, Germany Almiranta Chorruca, Mallorca, Spain
Suncare Health Inc., Tallahassee, FL
Piper Industries, Orlando, FL
Horizons Health Care Corp., Hutchinson, KS; Imperbel America, Inc., Denver, CO
Milagro Computer Systems, Austin, TX
Williams, Tulsa, OK; University of Oklahoma College of Law
Gallagher Law Firm, Houston, TX